Policies and Practices
Building a Better World

Every day is an opportunity to take action to create the world we want tomorrow. Our policies and practices are what help shape that future, and they’re non-negotiables. Every one of our Associates is tasked with carrying them out every day.  

In the end, these practices and policies are there so you can feel confident that when you choose one of our products or services, there is a heart and conscience behind it. The world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today, and these policies show you exactly how that takes place.

Information on the implementation of the tax strategy in 2020
Water Stewardship Position Statement
Supplier Code of Conduct
Scientific Research and Engagement
Responsible Sourcing
Quality and Food Safety
Pulp & Paper-Based Materials
Public Policy and Advocacy
Protecting Children Action Plan
Marketing Code
Land Use
Income Position Statement
Human Rights Position Statement
Human Rights Policy
Human Rights in the Thai Fish Supply Chain
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Fortification and Nutrient Claims
Food Nutrition Criteria
Farm Animal Welfare
Facility Sustainability
Deforestation Action Overview
Deforestation & Land Use Change Position
Data Processing
Cocoa and Forests Action Plan
Climate Action
Cage-Free Eggs
Biomedical and Clinical Research Involving Human Participants
Artificial Colors
Animal Research Policy
Added Sugars
Gene Editing
Palm Oil
Modern Slavery Act